Friday, June 18, 2010

A bunch of thoughts.

One's memories are a confusing thing - When memories of past happenings flash through the mind,one does not really relive the experience.Rather,one tends to view them with the not readily apparent purpose of deconstruction,with speculations about alternate choices and contemplation about what could have been,and satisfaction with what has happened.
I look back at the memories I have with me,from the earliest that I can remember to the present moment ,with a sense of awe with regard to the constancy of change,and I realize that life is about wanting to hold on to the present while the future draws us to it.And about how we as individuals change,subtly and in a manner that we ourselves don't seem to be aware of.
Life is also about finding happiness and satisfaction in one's existence and about trying to spread the cheer to the rest of the universe.
And there seem to be cycles that persist,with different people moving on to the roles that one once held and oneself moving on to other roles to play.Life is also about trying to reconcile with the past and look forward to a wonderful future.
And definitely,life is about understanding oneself and finding peace.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

The relevance of individuality.

"I'm unique,just like everyone else" - This is a catchy slogan that I have seen a lot of times , in a number of places. The seemingly self-contradicting statement brings out an important question that is quite relevant in today's world - How important and relevant is individuality in the world today?
Sadly, individuality seems to be a not-so-important thing ,with most people automatically conforming to a set group mentality , sometimes without even being aware of the change in them.One's peer group seems to influence a person's outlook on things to fit in line with a perceived 'normal' one.When an individual faces off against a group,more often than not,the will of th individual seems to be subjugated by the collective will and even if the individual really does not comply with the subjugation, he is perceived as inferior but he group in question and eventually,for the sake of maintaining his individuality,he is forced to ally with the group.
That leaves us with a conundrum of sorts with regards to the strength of individuality versus hive-minded collective strength.