Sunday, September 28, 2008

The world through looney-eyed glasses. .

Stress is bad,they say.Stress can kill,they say too.And what has this got to do with what iamk going to write here?pretty much nothing except probably the fact that iam slowly slipping into a deep dark gorge of insanity,probably due to stress anddddd a lot of other things,which iam not really sure about.Nothing feels the same anymore at all,it feels like there's something wrong with the world. . i kina feel like bugs bunny in that old cartoon clip in which the artist keeps adding and removing stuff from the visible environment that bugs lives etc.And i know the whole mood of this post is a bit melodramatic and that's not without reason too-that's how iv been for quite some time now.and add that to the feeling of emptiness and a bit of paranoia i seem to have about how everyone seems to be edging on me,im becoming mad,if iam not already. . .

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