Tuesday, September 21, 2010

You? Yes? Yay!

Discalimer: This post is intended only as a work of humour (If you agree) and is not meant to offend anyone,alive,dead or otherwise.

Binomial nomenclature is a system of naming and classifying different species and was developed by Carolus Linnaeus when he attempted to describe the natural world by giving all plants,animals and minerals a two-part name(eg Homo Sapiens , Cannabis Sativa , Canis Lupus etc). In this post,The author(Namely,me) will use BN to categorize the common types of Indian students in the US.

1. Expediticus Patrioticus : (Contrary to what the name sounds like ,these are not 'cus' words.) The ones who belong to this category are beset with a sudden bout of (Unhealthy) patriotism and denounce the place around them as a concentric locus to one of the nine circles of hell.This category of students can be seen asking an attendants at Walmart about why the place doesn't stock 'Imli' Paste.Favourite Catchphrase of this category: "Yaar! Most Americans can't even speak Hindi!"

2. Camouflagicus Automaticus : The ones in this category are the ones who are completely awed by all that they see and experience around them,that they start believing themselves to have lived here all their lives so far,in the hope that their belief will make it true.This category can be seen at all major sporting events,cheering for the team of their choice,without realizing that it was the other team that scored a touchdown. Favourite catchphrase of this category: "The Pizza in the US is waayy better than the one I had in Italy!"

3. Economicus Imbalancicus : This category hasn't yet comprehended the difference between American Dollars and Indian Rupees and is divided into two subcategories,based on their affiliation with either of the two categories mentioned above : "A packet of Chips costed me as much as Rs.10 in India while the same packet costs me only USD 2 here!I'm paying lesser!" OR "A bottle of Juice(Made in India) costs me upto USD 3 here while it costed me only Rs.20 back home!I'm paying extra!"

There are many more categories but the author is forced to conclude this post without listing them all out as a result of the still incomplete assignment that he just remembered.On a concluding note,he would like to say this : " “All travel has its advantages. If the passenger visits better countries, he may learn to improve his own. And if fortune carries him to worse, he may learn to enjoy it. - Samuel Johnson”


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Excellent blog! :)
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Killed it!

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