Sunday, December 12, 2010

So,who wants to be a superhero?

In real life,a bite from a radioactive animal will only make the person sick.This is for anyone out there who may have wanted to engage in superheroics,at any point of time in their lives.This post gives you an idea for starting up your own super-career.

1.Source of 'Power'
This 'powerful' idea is probably the easiest-All it would require is that a homemade stun gun is made,and fixed on gloves or wherever.A stun gun can be made at home for less than 10 USD,by using a disposable camera's flash,or by using a high capacitance capacitor and a discharge circuit,with open leads.One can find quite a number of websites that teach you how to make your own stun gun.

Unfortunately,we do not have rapid healing powers that will help us get away from our injuries,unharmed.And so,some kind of protection is needed against both projectiles such as bullets,and against direct physical blows. The best bet would be to have a helmet,not unlike a sports helmet or a biker helmet,and making sure that it covers the entire face. For the upper body and the limbs,a Kevlar vest is needed for sure,for protection against projectiles,and padding with thick rubber/foam or a chain linked suit ( Like a fencing costume).

I was initially thinking of a large set of ornithopter wings or helicopter blades,but then ,I realised that it would be impractical to have either of them,as they would be too heavy and too 'non- indiscreet' to carry around.The most practical solution seems to be a motorcycle,with a GPS system as a necessary add-on.

These utilities will be necessary,for any emergencies :
-> A basic first aid kit.
- > A cellphone/any other communication device.
- > A set of handcuffs(OPTIONAL).
- >A pocket knife for cutting up ropes etc.
- >A flashlight.
- >Extra clothes.

These utilities will be needed to be carried ,at all times and the best way to do that will be in a backpack.

With all of these ,I estimate the cost of starting up one's superhero career ( not Including the cost of the motorcycle or the cellphone connection) to be around 800 USD. Happy superheroing,everyone! If anyone who reads this has a few ideas of their own,do tell me.

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