Saturday, March 31, 2012

Sorry, wrong planet .

This post is dedicated to all those who feel, or at some point of time in their lives,have felt that they're stuck on the wrong world.

There are many reasons why one might feel that way - Not being able to fit in well with conventional social situations is one possible reason. Disagreement with certain courses of action, and reactions expected of people is another possible reason. And of course, there is always the possibility of not being able to follow up with conventional expectations of what one should or should not do, with conformism to 'conventional ideals' being a universally asked-for conjecture.

We, the other 'earth-born-aliens' are many more in number than what you can imagine. We are very much real, and you are not alone in your bemusement with the world and it's workings. We are unique in our own ways, and yet tied together by the common-thread of not being bogged down by unnecessary daily rituals or by redundant protocols that serve no discernible purpose.

So, fellow 'other'-worlder, do not fret, for we are here to live our lives in our own way, and no one can oppose our methods and our means. Our idiosyncrasies define us all, and our consuetudes are what gives color,to an otherwise drab world.


Raveena said...

I just tell people I have autistic tendencies.

But optimism works too!

S said...

Social awkwardness fosters optimism ,perhaps ?