Wednesday, October 17, 2012

On the pursuit of happiness

It was a hunt for happiness that I started,
And I searched in every corner and nook.
Every tool did I use, and every technique did I try,
but I was overwhelmed by the effort it took.

I felt like my  whole life was a lie,
And my head swelled with pain and sorrow.
The future felt flustering, and the present, perplexing,
and I thought I was trapped, with no hope for tomorrow.

Everything around me seemed dark and dull,
And the only hue left in the world was gray.
With all my strength, I tried to flee,
but I could not get far,try as I may.

And then, an epiphany emerged from within,
It felt bright, like a lamp that illuminates a shade.
I had finally realized that happiness was not to be found,
but it was simply a choice to be made.

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