Sunday, December 28, 2008

Looking forward,looking back

I was reading a few blogs i had got hooked onto,randomly of course and the amazing thing was most of them had kept their blogs for a very long time(for a few years atleast!).And i,as usual,got set into the contemplative mood that about how time will move on real fast and in no time,i will be out on my own two feet!It just feels like yesterday when i finished school and heck,i remember my first day at college and time has moved on in a flash and iam in the middle of my third year of college(the penultimate year for undergraduate engineering in India)!In no time at all,my undergraduate education will be over and i have to move on to the next thing.Change is definitely something that iam bound for,like everyone else on this planet.Sometimes,i wish that life was like a newspaper comic strip(like Calvin and Hobbes,for eg.) in which change never happens and the characters are virtually stuck for ever(or till subscription is cancelled) in their ages but as i realized,life is more like a sitcom or a series with a beginning and an end,with change being a constant companion.In the 19 years till now,things have changed but the essential picture still remains the same.Omnia Mutantur,Nihil Interit,one might say and it is indeed a true realization.I laugh when i think of the trivial,very unimportant things i used to worry about when i was a kid and i shall be laughing at the things i worry about now,in the future.The new year is about to start in a few more days and it shall bring with it,its own tribulations and little joys,the ones which shall matter most,finally.One's experiences are what makes each of us unique and im thankful about the way my life is going on.
More importantly,Other people matter and no one can be a true recluse and iam thankful for having,as friends,the best people possible.I wish everyone a very Happy and 'Happening' New year and raise a toast in celebration of this meandering path called life on which we all trod on.

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