Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Transporter 3:Review

Here's a toast to the fact that Hollywood is finally opening up to the concept of a 'Masala' movie/Mass movie,because that's what transporter 3 finally was-An Hollywood equivalent of a 'Masala' flick,complete with 'punch' dialogues(not bad,but they should consider hiring our captain Vijaykanth's personal scriptwriter. .),The lead pair falling for each other in a sugary sort of way and of course,the fights.

As a matter of fact,i expected a song and dance sequence Ala the 'duet' song sequences that we are so used to here which fortunately or unfortunately,did not happen.around 10 minutes into the movie,we are shown a confrontation between the hero and one of the goons as a 'flashback' sequence.I have already posted about it on a previous post so it will be redundant to post it again.The background score too was a mixture of good old tamil kuthu and a bit of orchestrated hip-hop and the usual 'action' score found in Hollywood(Now,that's what i call fusion!).The theatre was also filled with claps and whistles,adding on to the experience of a 'masala' movie.

The female lead,Valentina Vasilev was a bit of a letdown though. :(

Overall,the movie was not bad but there was nothing new in it,especially for us Indians who have grown up watching numerous 'mass' enterntainers.

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