Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Existential despair

If there is one thing that is both awe-inspiring and suicidally depressing at the same time , it is the attempt to understand the magnitude at which the universe exists - Spatially and temporally.

The universe is one huge entity, and we are very insignificant indeed. It is one thing to talk about millions of miles and billions of years, yet another to truly comprehend it. Thousands of people have lived before us, and and have lived lives, accomplished great deeds , performed shocking acts of atrocity , contemplated the workings of the cosmos , wondered about the future etc before a lot of us were even conceived. Entire nations have formed and withered away and many more shall join their ranks in the times to come. Entire planets and celestial objects shall be part of this cycle of birth , growth and death, and the universe will still be there. We are all but results of random perturbations in the universe - mere statistical anomalies in a great bubble of uniformity.

I look around the world and am awe-struck by the magnitude of existence,and depressed by the fact that in the end, I shall amount to nothing , just like everyone and everything else that was,that is and that will be. I desperately seek out for understanding it all, to remain significant for all time to come , and grudgingly accept that I can never be that way.


Amit Kumar Yadav said...
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Amit Kumar Yadav said...

Very Nice attempt indeed..... In fact people who have even a little bit idea what you are talking about would really like it.

I However, disagree to the notion described by this line saying "UNIVERSE WILL STILL BE THERE". The universe itself is the result of BIG BANG which means it was born. Also the universe will come to its end sometime. This I am pretty sure I have seen in a show. It is pretty obvious to think and deduce that The universe itself follows the laws that are followed by everything inside it. Specially the cycle of birth and death.

Correct me if I am wrong.