Sunday, February 26, 2012

Hate and all his friends

I'm revulsed by People with prejudices,
who seldom pause to ponder;
I dislike conceited chaps,
with egos stretching from here to yonder.

I loathe the compulsive dominant ones,
who are ever ready to gloat;
I despise those who mock other folk,
in attempts to self-promote.

I abhor those who falsely claim to be,
what they are and can be not;
I'm scornful to those who claim other's chefdoeuvres,
either in whole or in part.

I detest all those persons,
who can be described as I've said;
I hate them all with a passion,
and I'd rather have them dead.


Rebecca said...

awww kumar...

depper said...

aah .. such negativity. i do like the rhyming though! very creative!:)