Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Dentistry on infinite earths!

I was at the dentist's place getting a root canal procedure done on a tooth and comic book and cartoons fanatic that iam,i was wondering then,how different chracters would react ,when they are at the dentist's.
Everyone's favourite Wolverine/James Howlett/Logan wouldn't have a need to visit the dentist,thanks to his healing factor which will naturally ensure that a cavity never forms on his teeth as his healing factor will make sure that eroded parts,if any,automatically grow back.Also,his jaw bones being laced with Admntium will make impossible any attempted tooth extraction.
The Man of steel himself,Superman's dentist would have to be superstrong himself and also have a pair of the most efficient and strongest forceps.Also,i wonder,how would a dentist drill old Clark's teeth?Hmm,How about a Kryptonite drillbit?
Batman probably has a 'anti-dental problem spray' in his utility belt.
Shadowcat/Kitty Pryde of Xcalibur&X-men can simply phase the problematic tooth away.Her teammate nightcrawler can also do something similar-teleport without the tooth.
Johny Storm of the fantastic four can turn into his torch form and this shall burn any microbe that might be present.And he only needs to this a certain number of times a day to ensure oral hygiene and doesnt even need to brush or floss!(Not a great role-model for kids though.)
The only people who would have real problems with their teeth are the many non-superpowered ones or the ones who are still fundamentally human as fas ar their physiology is concerned-blue beetle,spiderman,Professor X,Green arrow,Vgilante etc.But even they wouldn't really have a problem thanks to the many 'alternate' treatments available in their respective worlds.

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