Friday, June 19, 2009

Coitus in Comics:The problems.

The majority of the comic book characters being either of extra-terrestrial origin(eg.Superman,The Martian Manhunter,Captain Mar-vell) or belonging to a non-'human' species(The X-men),one wonders what is the mechanism by which these characters seem to fall in love and/or engage in sexual intercourse with other 'normal' characters,considering the fact that if they are of a different species than normal homo sapiens,the physiology of these characters must be considerably different.The accepted mechanism of sexual attraction between two members of the same species stresses on the vamero-nasal organ in the nose and on pheromones ejected by the two organisms in question.And generally,the attraction is endogamic for a species and does not affect members of other species.And so,under normal circumstances,sexual attraction shouldn't occur between the above mentioned characters and their human peers,especially the characters with the extra-terrestrial origin such as Superman for assuming the development of the kryptonian humanoid species to be as advanced as stated in the comic books,he must be highly evolved as compared with his human companions such as Lois Lane or Lana Lang.Another problem would be his strength and speed which will obviously be too great for a normal human female to handle.Also,considering that Krypto,Superman's canine companion from Krypton posesses human-level cognisance and intelligence,one wouldn't be wrong in assuming that humans are as evolved to kryptonians as dogs are to us(Assuming that the Kryptonians are themselves descendants of a terrestrial human like species,which will be highly unlikely too) and hence,any sexual activity between Kal-el(Superman) and Lois or any other human for that matter amounts to bestiality.
Even the X-men,though of a terrestrial origin ,are still an advanced species as compared to humans but the possibility of mutual sexual attraction between the mutants(homo superior) and baseline humans(homo sapiens) is still plausible as inter-species breeding has been observed(mostly in captivity) between verisimilar members of the same biological family such as between dogs and wolves and lions and tigers.But,in the case of mutants possessing profound physical manifestations of their mutations(eg.Beak of the X-men) which would also include changes to their gonads,this will not be the case.
Maybe,comic book characters and their romances are to remind us that love is all transcending and can unite even wholly different species.And considering the many alien abduction claimants in which the subject has claimed to have had sexual intercourse with one of his/her captors,one wonders whether this holds a key to superman's problems.

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