Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Point of growing up?

We,as children were capable of a lot of things and more importantly,have the right kind of attitude and self-inspiration to set out and try and do something.But when we grew up,things keep changing and we ended up in the great rat race,in a void from which we cannot hope to exit.Things excited us,when we were kids.There were no labels for preferences and certainly no hidden worries about the viability of things.And we were truly happy as children and when we laughed,we meant it and our dreams almost always were about joyous things.Small things such as going out to eat,stroking a dog etc was all that was required to make us happy and every kind of worry could be whisked away in a matter of few minutes.
For some reason,when we grow up,we change from what we were as kids and the change is almost certainly not for the better.Things do not excite us anymore like they used to and our quest for understanding and learning dulls.
I,as a kid was genuinely interested in learning about new things.Science used to fascinate me and i had tastes of genuine happiness.There wasn't a need to conform and i was satisfied with what i was.Now,when i look back at my 20 years of life,i find that i haven't been living in the true sense of the word after i turned 13.Nothing seems to fascinate me anymore.I haven't truly laughed for 7 years and nor have i been clear in my head.
I am inspired to seek that shall get me up again.I wish to be truly happy and for that,i quest to find the child in me again so that i can live again.

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